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“Thanks to you for your support and finding us such great tutors, and especially for finding new ones quickly when we needed them. We would certainly recommend you to anyone!”

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“Thank you for the amazing job you did with my daughter – she really found your input immensely helpful, reassuring and very much enjoyed meeting you and working with you.”

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What is the best age to move your child into the British education system?

If your ultimate goal is for your child to study at a UK university, the earlier you can get them into the British education system the better. This is for two reasons. First, the longer your child is exposed to a British education, the better their English language will be. Second, universities in the UK generally select their candidates on the basis of A level results.Therefore, it is important that your child does as well in his or her A levels as possible. In turn, the best way to prepare for A levels is via the process of studying for GCSEs.

There are three main entry points into the UK education system (detailed below). But, above all, it makes sense to ensure that your child is in the UK by the time they are at the point of beginning to study for their GCSEs (which is normally when they are 16 and going into Year 10).



1. Preparatory schools generally begin when a child is eight. Entry into the system at this point will give your child the chance to develop their English language early. In addition, most prep schools prepare pupils from the start for entrance into outstanding senior schools.

2. Most prestigious senior schools in the UK begin when a child is 11 (Year 7) or 13 (Year 9). Joining a school at its start will give your child five or seven years to study and to socialise with one constant group of peers.

3. By the age of 16 (Year 10), your child will be ready to start studying for his or her GCSEs. These two years of intensive academic preparation for A Levels and entrance into university can have a huge impact on a pupil’s results.



Established in London in 2004, and now with offices in Dubai (2013) and Hong Kong (2017), Holland Park Tuition & Education Consultants helps hundreds of pupils prepare for and enter British schools and universities. Holland Park work with over 800 families per year and in 2017 students have won places at schools such as Westminster, Eton and Cheltenham Ladies College, and universities including LSE, Oxford and Cambridge. Holland Park have over 300 highly experienced and trained British teachers. Through our online school, the Holland Park eAcademy, we handle students’ complete education with full A Level and GCSE courses, as well as enabling our teachers to prepare students anywhere in the world.


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