“Our tutor was highly knowledgeable about the schools and various curriculums and she was always punctual and highly communicative. She definitely exceeded our expectations and made great progress with our son.”

Mother, Dubai

“The family is extremely proud that our grandson has been admitted into one of the best public schools in England. A very big thanks from all of us.”

Grandfather, Pakistan

Team & Ethos

“Thanks to you for your support and finding us such great tutors, and especially for finding new ones quickly when we needed them. We would certainly recommend you to anyone!”

Mother, London

News & Events

“Thank you for the amazing job you did with my daughter – she really found your input immensely helpful, reassuring and very much enjoyed meeting you and working with you.”

Mother, London


Holland Park interviewed Olly Barratt, broadcast journalist, to find out how his education has influenced his career choice.

Job title and company: TV Correspondent and Director of Newsgathering and Business Development, EMEA region, at Feature Story News

Education: Caldicott, Radley College, Bristol University

How did your education inform your choice of career?

Many of the skills I acquired learning history, which was my favourite A-Level and then my degree, were transferrable to journalism. Above all, though, the career discussions I had at Caldicott and Radley – and at home – always instilled in me the idea that a. you should be as ambitious as possible and b. you should do something you enjoy.

Were any of your teachers especially inspirational?

I had several teachers at Caldicott and Radley, in the classroom and also on the sports field, who inspired me in ways that have stayed with me. The common theme is that they all pressed home the idea that working hard for the best result possible should also be fun.

What did your education give you that you are most grateful for?

Friends, an appreciation of being part of a team and aspiration.

Sum up your education in three words

Sport, laughter, essays


Twitter: @ollybarratt


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